Posted on March 26, 2017 10:33 am
Categories: Political

No Longer Able to Blame FARC, Corruption Is Exposed in Colombia (S)


“With the passage of time after the peace agreement was signed between the government and FARC, and as the processes of turning in the weapons and releasing minors take shape, comes to light almost by inertia acts of corruption that have hit Colombia at least in recent years.

Both the private media, owned by Colombia’s richest men, and many politicians find themselves at a loss as to what to do, because the veil that covered state and government scandals was FARC, an armed group carrying out attacks.”


“FARC served every purpose: To cover corruption, to say that they were the stone in our shoe stopping us from overcoming backwardness and poverty, and thus justify excessive military expenditures (the highest in the continent) and which in great part ended up in the pockets of the military high command and officials of the defense portfolio; to install narco-paramilitary neoliberal presidents under the fallacy that killing guerrillas solved the country’s problems; to keep the people deceived into believing that through war Colombia would arise towards development, for this and for the other, etc, etc, etc.” Con la Oreja Roja