Posted on March 27, 2017 8:41 am
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100 Days and Counting: The Road to Peace After the Cartagena Evaluation Gathering (S)

Following the Cartagena gathering March 25-26 to evaluate the Colombian Peace Plan, Semana published an account of the behind-closed-doors meeting.

“Fast-track: Despite restrictions imposed by the Constitutional Court on to the mechanism that expedites the processes regarding the norms and reforms related to peace, the Government and FARC agreed to prioritize everything related to the implementation.

“Security Guarantees: Within months, the National Political Pact will be launched, which seeks to ensure that no one in the country will ever resort to arms to engage in politics.

“Civilian life: the government committed to taking the necessary management steps to unravel the process of the stagnant Amnesty Law, and FARC, in turn, will finally deliver the membership lists, including militias, to expedite their accreditation and Reincorporation.

“Transitional Zones: Although it had been said that by the end of March the locations would be ready, the date was moved to April when it is expected that all areas of the 19 transitional zones and seven camp sites are expected to be ready, with the infrastructure agreed and equipped with ambulances and medical personnel.

“Reincorporation: The institutional and productive projects that will be offered to FARC’s men and women were defined. This, in order to provide social and economic security upon completion of transit to legality while preventing the proliferation of cases of recidivism.”

The balance:  And the High Commissioner for Peace, Sergio Jaramillo, provided details of the summit’s conclusions. He said Monday in [radio station] La W that FARC already delivered the list of all their militias: “the initial roster of militias that we have lists 3,000, which seems consistent because it matches the number of militias I was familiar with when I was Deputy Minister of Defense.”

Jaramillo also said that in coming days FARC will deliver the final list of the organization’s entire membership.

Regarding the amnesty process, which has received strong criticism from members of  FARC, such as Jesus Santrich, Jaramillo said that about 2,000 men from that organization have already been certified: “They have already been certified, problems have arisen because judges have been on strike and unable to proceed”. Semana