Posted on March 27, 2017 11:17 am
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After two days of work between the National Government and the FARC-EP, in the framework of the Commission for Monitoring, Promotion, and Verification of the Implementation of the Peace Agreement (CSIVI Spanish acronym), the first 100 days of implementation were evaluated, difficulties were identified and decisions were taken in the following issues.

Legislative development: Prioritize the necessary legal proceedings for the implementation of the Agreement. During the month of April, the National Government will present a package of bills before Congress for constitutional reform and laws for the development of Point 1 of the Final Agreement (Comprehensive Agrarian Development), in addition to the creation of the Truth Commission and the Missing Persons Search Unit.

Security guarantees: To speed ​​up the activation of mechanisms and instances established in the Final Agreement including the design and implementation of the National Political Pact that seeks to guarantee the effective commitment of all Colombians to never again use weapons to do politics.

Transit to legality: The FARC-EP will complete the listing of all its men and women in the coming days, including the militias, in order to speed up their accreditation and reincorporation. Likewise, the National Government will provide the necessary support to the competent bodies responsible for the processing of amnesties in order to facilitate them.

Transitional Local Zones for Normalization: In April, the National Government is committed to delivering the entire infrastructure of the Transitional Zones, including the installation of reception areas. In the same way, they will be endowed with ambulances and medical staff.

Reincorporation: A review of the programs was carried out, and the institutional and productive projects offer for men and women of the FARC-EP was defined, with the purpose of providing socioeconomic security once the transit to legality is completed.

Decommissioning of weapons chronogram: As part of the commitment to accelerate this process, the decommissioning of weapons process of FARC-EP members who are part of the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism will continue, and also of those who are starting their training to be part of the National Protection Unit; also of those who participate in humanitarian demining and the voluntary substitution of illicit crops programs. These people will be prioritized for accreditation and will begin their reincorporation. Likewise, progress will be made in the compliance with the agreed chronogram for the decommissioning of weapons.

The National Government and the FARC-EP will continue to work to fulfill the commitments contemplated in the Final Agreement that will lead us to the construction of a stable and lasting peace for the benefit of all Colombians.