Posted on March 27, 2017 9:50 am
Categories: Political

‘Peace Must Be Made in Colombia’ — Buit from the Regions and People Most Hit by Violence

“To learn these experiences, the country that opens to the construction of a hope, we must go to the periphery of the big cities, we need to reach out to people living on our Pacific coast, Urabá and Córdoba, in the fields of Nariño , Meta and Putumayo, the Middle Magdalena, the Montes de María, to name a few.

Behind the Colombia longing for peace, there is an important network of women and men who have become artisans of peace and development managers.

In those places that have experienced violence the strongest, that is where we’ll find a source of knowledge and experience that will allow for building peace.

If we want to move forward, we have to look around us and listen to that deep country, the one that has suffered and has fought.

In this sense, the peace agreement can be interpreted as an opportunity to transform the country, starting from the periphery. Our peace, the one made in Colombia, will be territorial or there will not be peace. Luis Fernando Múnera C., S.J. Dean of Political Sciences and International Relations, La Javeriana.” El Espectador