Posted on April 2, 2017 8:51 am
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Colombia’s April Fool’s March: against Corruption or Against Peace? (E)

“Former President Alvaro Uribe and his band of merry pranksters, including the former Inspector General Alejandro Ordoñez, have been mobilizing their party faithful along the lines of anti-corruption ticket for 2018’s already complicated presidential elections.

“However, the playing field for the April Fool’s march seems to have shifted from a rejection of corruption (to-wit Messrs. Uribe and Ordoñez will also have to respond) to that of a repudiation for the Congress-FARC guerrilla approved peace accord of late 2016.

“And of course, possessing opinions and a rejection of the hastily revised agreement propelled into law to supposedly shield it from the presidential elections, is “de rigeur” in Colombia. A healthy debate is a welcome breath of fresh air in the nation’s halitosis ridden democracy.

“However, the levels of polarization in Colombia as shown by the victorious No vote in last September’s referendum in what should have been a cake-walk for President Juan Manuel Santos, proves that the arguments for and against the peace accord are agitations rather than credible debates which we can learn from.

This past week a letter from the Democratic Center to the US Government – first denied, then confirmed – requesting a complete freeze on all aid to Colombia seemed to corroborate allegations that the conservatively aligned party’s desire is to continue to undermine the country’s already delicate peace process”. Richard McCollColombia Reports