Posted on April 3, 2017 8:01 am
Categories: Political

Locombia: Where the Corrupt March Against Corruption and Thousands March Against Peace (E)
Chanting slogans against Santos, against corruption, and against the government of Venezuela, thousands of Colombians took to the street in a series of demonstrations organized by former president and now senator Alvaro Uribe, and former Procurator Alejandro Ordoñez. The demonstration, which analysts interpret as the first salvos of a contentious 2018 presidential election, is another sign of the deep polarization ripping apart Colombian society and which stems partly from opposition to the peace treaty with FARC. Digital Magazine Pacifista! published a series of photos of the event. We publish a few, you can view more by clicking here. Pacifista!
Marching against peace Marching against peace Marching against peace