Posted on April 7, 2017 10:02 am
Categories: ELN

Colombia’s ELN Rebels Agree to Landmine Removal, Synchronization with Ongoing Peace Process (E)

Colombia’s government and rebel group ELN announced on Thursday that they have made a breakthrough agreement on landmine removal.

In their first joint press conference after peace talks began in Quito, Ecuador, two months ago, the delegations announced they would begin working out logistical challenges for an agreed joint landmine removal program.

Additionally, government chief negotiator Juan Camilo Restrepo and ELN chief negotiator “Pablo Beltran” said that during the second round of talks, due to begin on May 3, the warring parties will seek an effective de-escalation of violence.


The ELN, Colombia’s last-standing guerrilla group, has been at war with the state since 1964.

The conflict that has involved multiple other parties has cost the lives of more than 265,000 Colombians and displaced 7 million. Colombia Reports