Posted on April 7, 2017 9:22 am
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EU Will Present Second Fiduciary Fund for Peace in Colombia: To Benefit Fishing, Agricultural and Ethnic Communities

The European Union will announce on Thursday the second Colombian Peace Trust Fund project, financed with some four million euros (about 4.2 million dollars), to benefit the municipalities of Bahía Solano, Nuquí and Juradó, in the northwestern Department of Chocó.

The presentation of the project, called “Borders of  Forest and Sea for Peace”, will be carried out by the special envoy of the European Union (EU) for Peace of Colombia, Eamon Gilmore from Ireland, who is visiting the country, andAna Paula Zacarias, the EU ambassador to the Andean country, diplomatic sources said in a statement today.

The initiative will support 3,000 fishermen, 1,900 agricultural production families and 1,950 users of basic education, health and recreation services, among others, the European Union delegation for Colombia said.

It will also benefit “48 indigenous and Afro-descendant ethnic organizations, twelve producer organizations and four inter-institutional and community organizations in this area of ​​the department of Chocó.”

The project will be financed with 3.2 million euros (US$3.4 million ) from the European Union and 800,000 euros (about US$854,370) from Colombia.

According to the communiqué, the initiative is included in the EU’s Colombia Trust Fund for Peace through the Project “Strengthening mechanisms for comprehensive intervention in marginalized rural territories”. La Vanguardia