Posted on April 15, 2017 7:28 am
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Tense Exchange Between Commissioner Jaramillo and FARC’s Boss Timochenko (S)

Confidencial Colombia publishes a tense exchange between two key figures in Colombia’s peace process, High Commissioner for Peace Sergio Jaramillo and Timochenko, nom de guerre or FARC’s Commander. At issue: FARC’s letter to mayors in La Guajira inviting them to discuss development plans.

Commissioner Jaramillo sees the letter as departing from the peace process.

Jaramillo, in an April 6 letter: “This could be considered a violation of the cease-fire because FARC have not finished disarming and it is exerting pressure on society, it is an alteration of the order in the region and the agreement clearly states that that is prohibited  […] Anyone can sense that as pressure and the agreement says that any pressure on society or on the authorities is a violation of the cease-fire … if FARC wants to engage politics, if they want to discuss with institutions, they must accelerate the process of abandoning weapons because they have not finished disarming.

Timochenko’s answer in an open letter:

“One wonders whether the High Commissioner for Peace is aware of the way in which his irresponsible declarations contribute to incite and nourish the irrational hatred existing in those sectors willing to drown the country in another endless sea of ​​blood, just as decent, victimized democratic and dignified Colombia is committed to bury forever such intolerant dementia.

“The agreement says that in order to fulfill its objectives ‘it is necessary to develop in each priority area in a participatory fashion a plan of action for regional transformation, that includes all levels of territorial organization, upon agreement with local authorities and communities.” For that reason, Dr. Jaramillo’s unhealthy tantrum is incomprehensible.Confidencial Colombia