Posted on April 17, 2017 7:03 am
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Transitional Camps to Become ‘Peace Villages’ to Facilitate FARC Fighters Reintegration

The 26 camps that are being build for the demobilization and disarmament of Colombia’s FARC rebels may remain once the first 180 days of the peace process are over to facilitate the former guerrillas’ reintegration.

According to Caracol Radio, the government and the FARC have already agreed it would make little sense deconstructing the sites that 120 days into the peace process aren’t even constructed.

These camps should have been ready in December already, but according to the UN mission chief last week, many are between 10% and 50% of completion. The government has vowed to finish construction before the end of April, two months before the camps were supposed to be deconstructed.

While both the government, the UN and the FARC have committed to finish the demobilization and disarmament of the FARC before May 31, the reintegration of the 6,900 guerrillas and thousands of militia members will take much longer.

“What are these thousands of men going to do after June 1? It doesn’t make sense to build these constructions only for them to be abandoned,” one of the FARC’s leaders, Luis Alberto Alban, a.k.a. “Marcos Calarca” was quoted as saying by Caracol Radio.

The Colombian government’s peace commissioner agrees and has promised to use the 26 zones for reintegration activities.

“The zones will end as mechanism of the ceasefire and as legal entity,” Peace Commissioner Sergio Jaramillo said. Adriaan Alsema. Colombia Reports.