Posted on April 19, 2017 9:47 am
Categories: Reintegration

Inside a FARC Transitional Demobilization Camp Near the Ecuadorian Border; Vice News Reports (E)

Zona Veredal ‘La Variante’ lies 30 miles from Colombia’s Pacific Coast city, Tumaco. Along the banks of the Río Mira, 10 miles from the Ecuadorian border, this demobilization camp lies in the heart of the Nariño region and Colombia’s infamous, illicit coca trade. Farmers here grow coca in large plantations hidden by a dense wall of trees, or on steep slopes that descend into the river. The flag of the former Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, or FARC, as seen above, still flies in many of the communities here.

[…] Colombia’s peace deal with the FARC created 26 temporary demobilization camps across the country. Closed to civilians, and swelling by the day with newly surrendered troops, the camps are home to the guerrillas for the foreseeable future. UN representatives stop by most days to provide lectures to FARC members and offer advice on life after May 31.

La Variante is home to more than 300 former FARC soldiers. Some had served decades with the FARC, others had joined just 12 months before the peace deal was announced. Men, women and increasingly children wait in an uneasy boredom for their transition into civilian life. Some still wear their uniforms. Most — for now —  still carry their guns. Vice News