Posted on April 19, 2017 9:08 am
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Moving Forward: Process of Registering and Issuing IDs for Thousands of Demobilized FARC Fighters (S)

The National Registrar, Juan Carlos Galindo, confirmed in a conversation with RCN Radio that data of 6916 members of FARC were gathered during the first phase of the identification process of guerrillas and militias carried out by the public agency in every one of the transitional demobilization zones.

Galindo indicated that the first phase of the process of identification of FARC guerrillas collected biographical data, photographs and fingerprints. These will be processed during the next 20 days.

The second phase of this process, according to Galindo, will be issuing documentation to these individuals or reissuing to those that already have such documentation, a process that will be carried out in 2 months. RCN Radio