Posted on April 29, 2017 8:08 am
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Never Again! Keeping Memory Alive as a Means to Support the Peace Agreement in Colombia; Jurists Meet in Brussels (S)

“Colombia has been living a process of rescue and recognition of the victims of the armed conflict. This has led many people to mobilize in support of the peace agreement despite the results of the plebiscite. There is a danger, however, that many in Colombia and abroad may think that the process is already consummated and that Memory is no longer a necessary legitimator,” explains Colombian jurist and human rights specialist José Antequera Guzmán.

Signed definitively in November 2016, time is of the essence for the implementation of this complex agreement. For that reason, in Brussels, under invitation of the German foundation Friedrich Ebert, specialists met this week to discuss the upcoming tasks seeking to prevent the peace process from once again polarizing Colombian society. At the top of the priority list is working on Memory. But what is the importance of working on Memory where there are so many needed tasks to pacify the convulsive country?

Memory opens paths: “Only through the recognition of all the victims will it be possible to pave the way for the minimum reforms for peace. Only through recognition will it be possible to raise the debate as to whether the State’s security forces will change their way of conceiving the political opposition,” Antequera said. Actualidad Deutsche Welle