Posted on April 30, 2017 9:44 am
Categories: World

UN Security Council to Visit Colombia in Show of Full Support of Peace Process (S)

Members of UN Security Council will visit Colombia to “support” the peace process with the FARC guerrillas, according to a Friday statement from the organization that oversees the disarmament of the rebels through a mission.

“The Security Council in full, with the Ambassadors of its 15 member countries, will arrive in the country for the first time on May 3” the UN said in a statement released in Bogota.

During their three-day visit, the diplomats will meet with President Juan Manuel Santos, representatives of the government and of FARC, the congressional Peace Commissions and social leaders, among others.

In addition, they will move to one of the 26 areas where the FARC is concentrated in compliance with the process of laying down their weapons that should conclude by the end of May.

“The unanimous support of the members of the Security Council seeks to ensure the consolidation of peace,” said the special representative and head of the UN Mission in Colombia, Jean Arnault. AmericaTV