Posted on May 11, 2017 7:30 am
Categories: Human Rights

The Right to the Truth is a Key Element in the Reconciliation Process; Valuable Lessons from Around the World (S)

Within the framework of the implementation of the Peace Agreement with FARC, one issue that concerns Colombian society is reconciliation from the point of view of the right to the truth, an issue that has been developed in other processes of transitional justice and deserves to be studied from international experiences in the context of the end of the conflict. In shaping the most solid truth commissions around the world, the experience of other countries has always been a key ally to ensure that they operate in conformity with international standards of justice. Regarding Colombia, it should not be the exception.


The truth as a right of the victims and as a decisive element for the reconciliation of society has been one of the most important factors in peace processes around the world, which have left great lessons for overcoming the violence.Tatiana Dangod, El Heraldo