Posted on May 12, 2017 10:40 am
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Conference Explores What Canada Can Learn from the Colombian Peace Process (E)

Nicolas Lloreda, Ambassador of Colombia to Canada and Justice Danilo Rojas, former Chief Justice of Colombia’s highest court, recently visited Canada’s McMaster University for a conference aimed at discussing the achievements and challenges of the Colombian peace process.

[…] The event was part of The Colombian Peace Process with FARC: Achievements, Failures and Challenges, a two-day conference hosted by Nancy Doubleday, McMaster’s HOPE Chair for Peace and Health, in cooperation with Bertrand Russell Research Centre.

[…] There are still a lot of problems, but if you look at where Colombia is now compared to where we were 10 or 15 years ago, nobody can deny the significant changes for the better that are taking place,” says Ambassador Lloreda.

The conference brought together a number of experts from Colombia, Canada and the United States including individuals who took part in the peace negotiations, as well as experts in peace studies, transitional justice, human rights, Colombian criminal law and compensation systems, political philosophy and political science.

Doubleday, also a professor in the Department of Philosophy, says the conference provided a valuable opportunity for Colombian and Canadian experts to exchange knowledge and share each country’s unique experiences with truth and reconciliation.

“Certainly, in Canada we have an experience that’s quite different from Colombia in many ways,” she says. “But nonetheless, we have a common concern and we can learn from each other. In Colombia, there is a process, there is social innovation which will bring economic, social, and peace dividends, and a societal will to move on and try to deal with the past. Their remedies are interesting and very relevant to addressing the needs in this country as well.” Daily News