Posted on May 15, 2017 11:53 am
Categories: Transitions

Colombia’s Christian Alt-Right: Powerful Force Drums-Up Fears of Sexual Diversity and ‘Gender Ideology

In Colombia, Internet personalities and religious leaders mobilize opposition to the peace process by drumming-up fears of sexual diversity and “gender ideology.”

The defeat of Colombia’s referendum in October of 2016 was a shocking development. Liberal and left-wing observers failed to predict that voters would be won over by the Right’s fear-mongering anti-peace campaign.

In Colombia, ideological vestiges of the Cold War have been refashioned to direct fear and anger towards a fictional “gender ideology” that supposedly poses a spiritual threat to Christian values. In the lead-up to the peace referendum, right-wing groups were able mobilize the imaginary threat of a queer, communist conspiracy to generate panic and turn it into political capital.

It’s time we grappled with the gruesome consequences of a political conjuncture in which online media figures, conservative religious movements, and a generalized politics of fear all intersect to shore up support for the Right, even in a country poised to overcome a persistent conflict that has raged for more than fifty years. Jacobin