Posted on May 22, 2017 11:14 am
Categories: Afro

Afro-Colombians Warn About Unfulfilled Promises and Renewed Threats and Assassinations


The Afro-Colombia National Council of Peace issued a statement calling on the President to implement measures to prevent the humanitarian crisis in the territories inhabited by black, Afro-Colombian, Raizal and Palenquera communities.

The Afro-Colombia National Council of Peace charges that the displacement of black people continues by armed groups. On the eve of the celebration of the day of Afro-Colombian Pride, and in the midst of the crisis of the peace process stemming from ruling by The Constitutional Court, the Afro-Colombia National Council of Peace (CONPA) warned about the slow implementation of the ethnic chapter included in the final agreement between the Government and FARC.

“The Black people, as well as the Afro-Colombian Raizal and Palenqueros in Colombia have historically lived a situation of exclusion and racism that in today’s day and age has become a humanitarian crisis that threatens our very existence.” In April of this year, according to reports from our communities, we have suffered new mass displacements and confinements affecting thousands of our families, new murders, disappearances, kidnappings and reports of a resurgence of armed in San Juan, Alto Baudó and Río Sucio, Carmen del Darién in the department of Chocó; in the south of Bolivar, in the rural and urban areas of Tumaco and in northern Cauca, areas where FARC are concentrated,” said the spokesman of the main Afro organizations. Entorno Inteligente