Posted on May 23, 2017 8:28 am
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Lost in Translation: Trump Said Nothing About Supporting (Much Less Financing) Peace Process

Given the official media’s  exuberant reaction to the supposed support by the Trump administration to the peace process, following the President’s recent visit, it is worth reviewing the literal translation of the American President’s speech at the press conference held after the meeting with Juan Manuel Santos.


There is not one single word that refers to the peace process, or to the supposed US$450 million promised by Obama for “Peace Colombia”. This item has been reduced to US$370 million and has not yet been approved by the Congress. Trump is only interested in ending drug trafficking, which is difficult if one takes into consideration that coca cultivation tripled in two years, and aerial fumigation is ruled out as a concession to the FARC.

Despite that, El Tiempo’s writer, Ricardo Avila, said in an article on Sunday, “However, the most important moment for Colombia happened when the host cleared any doubts about” his administration’s support to the peace process”, after telling his guest that he “has done a wonderful job”.


As for Vice President Mike Pence, who also met with Santos, the sole mention was as follows: the Vice President praised President Santos for his leadership in achieving a landmark peace agreement. That was it. Mere congratulations and nothing more. […]Fanny Kertzman. Dinero