Posted on June 9, 2017 10:12 am
Categories: World

Closer to Peace than Ever Before Despite Numerous Obstacles, Delays and Detours
“Since the beginning of the ceasefire last August, the Consultation Centre for Conflict Analysis has registered 18 violations of the agreed protocols. This has generated uncertainty around the process. “We have to meet the agreements, we have to build trust, because we need to gain it,” said Timoshenko, aware of FARC’s low standing among Colombians after decades of violence. An earlier version of the deal was rejected in a referendum for this reason.
“Four months after the disarmament officially started, more than 6,000 guerrilla fighters have handed over their weapons to the UN and started reintegrating into society. “We will never again use violence,” Timochenko  promised.
“Despite all the obstacles, there are many positive signs that the conflict is closer to a peaceful conclusion than ever before.” The Word Weekly