Posted on June 15, 2017 7:39 am
Categories: Transitions

Second Phase of FARC Arms Laydown Starts; UN to Receive 40% of 7,000 Individual Weapons

Bogotá, June 14, 2017. The beginning of the second phase of the arms laydown process corresponding to an additional 30% took place yesterday, June 13, in the in the zone for normalization, La Elvira in the municipality of Buenos Aires, department of Cauca with the participation of the Special Representative and UN Chief of Mission in Colombia, Jean Arnault. Today, the process continued in these following five zones: El Ceral (La Elvira – Cauca) Los Monos (Caldono – Cauca), Miravalle (San Vicente del Caguan – Caqueta), La Pradera (Puerto Asís – Putumayo) and Colinas (San José del Guaviare – Guaviare).

At the end of this second phase of the laying down of weapons process, the Mission has in its custody about 40% from the approximately 7,000 individual weapons registered, monitored and verified by the UN Mission since last March 1 of this year in the 26 Transitional Local Zones for Normalization and Transitory Points.

The Mission trusts that the arms lay down process will continue its development these days to comply with the agreement.

In addition, to date has been reported the arrival of 1,180 FARC-EP militiamen to the 26 Transitional Local Zones for Normalization and Transitory Points to carry out the process of transit into civilian life.

During this second day of laying down of arms, UN Mission continued to deliver the certificates to the members of the FARC-EP for its transit to legality.

The UN Mission in Colombia encourages the parties to continue their commitment to comply with the 29 May road map and in particular with regard to the ceasefire and bilateral and definitive hostilities and the laying down of weapons.

UN Mission in Colombia