Posted on June 23, 2017 9:18 am
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Call to Involve ‘Civil Society and the Private Sector’ Via Formation of Regional Committees as a Means to Advance Peace (E)

[…] “As a Colombian who comes from family tradition of farming, I recognize that the best way to keep the peace is to concentrate resources to spur social and economic development in the neglected rural areas of the country, where much of the violence took place. And it is my firm belief that, however well intentioned, the peace will not hold unless we involve key members of our society — especially civil society groups and the private sector — which to this point have been excluded from the political process. Without their participation in implementing and verifying the peace accord, it cannot succeed, nor can the country’s ambitious plan for rural development.

“My fellow members of Colombia’s civil society organizations believe there is a way to achieve this collaboration. We are proposing the formation of 16 regional citizen committees to support and accompany the implementation of the peace agreement signed between the Government of Colombia (GOC) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP).

These citizen committees, which would make up what we call Territorial Accompaniment and Support Systems (TASS), would include representatives of local civil society organizations, the private sector and the international community, who would provide oversight to support the peace agreement and to verify changes are taking place. These changes include accountable spending for any “peace dividend” so that rural livelihoods and social services can jump start development in communities put on hold by decades of conflict. Each committee would issue a biannual report documenting advances achieved, difficulties encountered and proposals for resolving roadblocks.” […] Emilio Huertas — The Huffington Post