Posted on June 27, 2017 2:20 pm
Categories: Transitions

A Historic Event And An Example to the World: United Nations Mission Receives Balance of Individual FARC-EP Weapons (S)
Bogota, 26 June 2017. In compliance with with the Road Map that was approved on 29 May, on 20 June the third phase of the laying down of individual weapons of the FARC-EP combatants was initiated. The UN Mission in Colombia has been storing the arms in its weapons containers in the 26 Local Zones and Points. As of today, the Mission has stored the totality of individual arms of the FARC-EP that were registered: 7132 arms, with the exception of those that, in accordance with the Road Map, will be used to provide security in the 26 FARC-EP camps until 1 August 2017.
At that time, the Mission will have stored all of the existing weapons in the camps and will have extracted the containers from the Transitional Local Zones and Points, which will then transition into Regional Spaces for Training and Reincorporation.
To date, the Mission has verified 77 arms caches from which weapons have been extracted and munitions, explosives and unstable armaments destroyed. UN Nations Mission