Posted on July 5, 2017 7:08 am
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The Farewell to FARC’s Arms in a Colombia Searching for Peace: ‘A Major Historic Step’ (F)

The United Nations Mission in Colombia, charged with overseeing disarmament and destroying FARC’s weapons, announced on Monday that some 7,000 FARC fighters have handed over their arsenal as per the roadmap of the peace agreement, turning in 7,132 weapons to the UN mission.

“Disarmament is the beginning of a new Colombia moving towards peace. Thanks to the UN Mission for its support and for its work,” President Santos said in via Twitter shortly after the announcement of the UN.

The whole process, which earned President Santos the Nobel Peace Prize, aims to turn the page of the oldest armed conflict in Latin America, a conflict which has left at least 260,000 dead, more than 60,000 missing and 7.1 million of displaced persons. “FARC, the most powerful and oldest guerrilla organization in Latin America, will cease to exist,” Santos said last week during a trip to Paris, saying the event “changes the history of Colombia.”

The final phase of the disarmament aimed at handing over the remaining 40% to the UN, however, was darkened by a bomb attack June 17 in a mall  in Bogotá, which killed three people, including a French woman. La Depeche.