Posted on July 11, 2017 8:53 am
Categories: Legal

Some 3,252 FARC Fighters Pardoned for Political Crimes; Final Agreement Includes Amnesty Clause

The government granted de jure amnesty to 3,252 FARC fighters for political offenses. Justice Minister Enrique Gil Botero explained that this decision only benefits those subversives who are in the transitional zones ones created in as part of the final agreement.

“It’s an administrative amnesty which applies only to FARC members concentrated in the transitional zones and not those interned in prisons,” said the Minister. In this sense, he warned that the UN has been monitoring compliance with the final agreement by the Government.

“We are contemplating, with the three decrees, a total of 6,005 people amnestied. On the other hand, through judicial channels judges have granted 1,400 releases, as part of the conditional liberation as provided in the amnesty and pardon law,” he said. El Espectador¬†