Posted on July 14, 2017 7:49 am
Categories: Paramilitary

Despite Huge Strides Toward Peace, The Shadow of Paramilitary Violence Continues to Haunt Colombia’s Countryside (S)

Gigantic strides towards the end of the armed conflict notwithstanding, the presence of war is still felt across Colombia. Paramilitary activities in different locations across the country during 2017 draw attention to the transformation of this phenomenon. The most recent episodes took place in San José, in a township in the municipality of Apartado, in Antioquia, historically ravaged by violence. On the morning of July 11, residents were surprised by graffiti on their houses alluding to the Autodefensas Gaitanistas de Colombia: ‘We’re here to stay: AGC’ was tagged on the walls of several dwellings. Similar events and other even more alarming ones include threats, murders or displacements took place in other municipalities and departments, carried out mainly by this armed group and in some areas in the name of the Águilas Negras.

Only a few days before similar events had taken place in the southwest of the country, the districts of El Paraiso, municipality of Sucre, Cauca, and in Leiva, Nariño, similar threatening messages appeared signed by the AGC and the AUC.

These events are compounded by the July 1 armed takeover of the township of Puerto López, municipality of Bagre, Antioquia. Frequent paramilitary incursions have been reported in different municipalities in Chocó that generated massive displacement and confinement. Colombia Informa