Posted on July 16, 2017 9:06 am
Categories: Reintegration

The Silence of the Guns, Documentary Presenting Intimate Look at Colombia’s Peace Process, Soon at Theaters Near You (S)

For three days starting July 20 theaters across Colombia will show a documentary film on the end of the conflict between Colombia and the guerrillas of FARC.

The conflict between Colombia and FARC lasted 52 years leaving a human toll of about 8 million victims. Negotiating an end to it took almost five years. With these figures in her head, Natalia Orozco had to find a way to show the end of this war in a two and a half hour long documentary. The task was not easy.

El silencio de los fusiles (The silence of the guns) is the outcome of that project that the paisa journalist started four years ago with a question in her head: “Why did the same men and women who for so long made war and sent so many young people to their deaths in battle rose to fight what I believe is the most difficult and definitive battle for Colombia: that of peace.”

Orozco was assigned as a war correspondent for years and this allowed her to tackle the assignment with a more balanced look at the conflict, an understanding that allowed her to view the situation as a much more complex than reducing it as a fight between good and evil. El Heraldo