Posted on August 9, 2017 9:29 am
Categories: Juan Manuel Santos

Is Juan Manuel Santos Already a Lame Duck President? International Stature but Limited Domestic Support for Peace with FARC

With a year left on his term, the Colombian president has international recognition for the peace agreement with ¬†FARC, but in Colombia he does not have as much popular support. […] Santos set himself the goal of modernizing Colombia and achieving peace with the country’s largest guerrilla organization was a fundamental requirement for that. But the effort and the time it took to finalize the agreement left a lot of unfinished business, although despite the complaints, it is undeniable for political scientists that a lot of progress was made for existing problems in the areas of health, education and infrastructure.

“For Ankelika Rettberg,[from the Centro de Investigaciones Regionales (GIGA), in Hamburg, Germany and Political Science professor at the Universidad de Los Andes, “The administration’s great shortcoming will be that it has not achieved greater equality, that Colombia remains one of the most unequal countries in the world and Latin America — that is Santos’s great debt. I also think that he could have achieved a lot more in terms of communicating strategies and in generating popular support for its policies. His government never succeeded in connecting with Colombian public opinion, it was unable to sell its achievements to the people, I believe that over time Colombians will be able to appreciate more clearly what Santos did during his presidency.”¬†Deutsche Welle Actualidad