Posted on August 25, 2017 10:00 am
Categories: Women

How Peace Can Create a New Brand of Masculinity: Less Violence and Machismo; More Inclusion and Respect (S)


Historically, the notion of what being a man means in Colombia has been linked to the ability to survive and progress, even when that means transgressing legal and social norms. This has generated a veneration of sorts towards the sharp-minded, the “savvy.” We love those who speak loud and those who stand their ground; they are those who do not pull back, unless justice compels them. They are the same people who prevail through the strength of their fists, the sound of their bullets or with phrases such as “you do not know who I am.” As men they represent the worst in all of us because their individuality imposes costs that feed the vicious cycle of violence.

The valuation of “manhood” has depended heavily on the ability to provide protection for themselves and others. This situation reaches chilling dimensions in contexts where violence is accepted. For example, in the case of Colombia, every 13 minutes a woman is a victim of physical, sexual or psychological violence. In 90% of cases, this violence is carried out by a man.

[…] The opportunity to live in a country where violence has no place requires a masculinity that’s different and inclusive por peace, building victories and making mistakes that allow us to transform ourselves as we build peace. One man at a time Sebastián Molano, ¡Pacifista!