Posted on September 3, 2017 9:40 am
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FARC Reportedly Invites Beloved Soccer Star René Higuita to Join 2008 Campaign as Candidate (E)

[…] “René, no matter where you are, I send you my kindest regards from the FARC congress, which is about to become a political party. We will wait for you to help us and maybe you could be in one of our candidate lists for the Senate or as President”, [FARC leader Ricardo] Téllez told Higuita. Téllez also highlighted that Higuita was not just a celebrity, but someone who would work for peace in Colombia.

Higuita has a history of attending FARC events, as he a year ago in the 10th National Guerrilla Conference in which the FARC Secretariat approved the peace accord.

“Granda”, as the FARC leader is also called, stated that he invited Diego Maradona to last Sunday’s inauguration of their congress as well, but that he could not attend because he was on a trip in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

The FARC Congress concluded on September 1st. The list of the new party’s leaders, regulations, and official party name is expected to be released early this week. Colombia Focus