Posted on September 18, 2017 4:14 pm
Categories: Green Women

Team of International Experts to Review Balance Sheet for ‘Sustainable Colombia Fund’ (S)

The National Government, together with the Inter-American Development Bank, will present to international experts the progress of the ‘Sustainable Colombia Fund’ to international experts. The meeting will take place on September 18 and will be held at the residence of UN Ambassador María Emma Mejía.

Administered by the IDB, this fund is the result of coordinated work between the National Planning Department, the Ministries of Environment, Agriculture, Finance, the High Council for Post-Conflict and the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation, APC-Colombia.

The meeting will highlight the progress made by the National Government in protecting the environment, especially in those areas most affected by the conflict and prioritized for sustainable rural development and efforts to build peace in Colombia.

In addition to international experts on these issues, the meeting will include countries which have already committed to contributing resources, such as Sweden, Switzerland and Norway, as well as the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Also, social and environmental organizations such as the Betty Moore Foundation, WWF and Clinton Guistra Entrerprise Partnership, whose contributions are key to strengthening the Fund. The Fund has currently received  US$5 million from Switzterland; US$4.5 million from Sweden and from the Joint Declaration, led by Norway, for up to US$200 million.

The latter are resources for payments for environmental results in which Colombia must demonstrate progress in deforestation and public policies to receive all the money. Freddy Carrera Colombia Confidencial