Posted on February 23, 2018 8:03 am
Categories: ELN

Back to the Negotiating Table: ELN and Government to Resume Peace Talks

The Colombian government and the National Liberation Army, or ELN, are negotiating the possibility of a ceasefire that would remain in place until after the Aug. 7 general elections, local media are reporting.

Carlos Velandia, a former member of the ELN national board and current negotiator in the peace process, told Publimetro that both sides are currently analyzing the proposal of a ceasefire that would continue after the general elections.

“There are about 160 days left before the end of this government and we need to guarantee the continuity of the peace process with the ELN,” he said.

If negotiations resume in the Ecuadorean capital, this would represent the fifth round of peace talks focusing on the participation of civil society in the process.

A “pre-agreement of continuity” is being sought with the future president, along with a “transition process” guaranteeing dialogue with the next administration.

The ceasefire would include a humanitarian treaty suspending what the government calls “kidnappings” and the ELN calls “detentions” on political grounds, along with the use of landmines and the manufacturing of weapons. Telesur